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Volume 11 (2004)

Topic: Papers of the COV&R Conferences:

“Judaism, Christianity, and the Ancient World: Mimesis, Sacrifice, and Scripture” (Purdue, 2002)

“Passions in Economy, Politics, and Media. In Discussion with Christian Theology” (Innsbruck 2003)


Alberg, Jeremiah L.: The Scandal of Origins in Rousseau 1

Astell, Anne W.: Maternal Compassion in the Thought of René Girard, Emil Fackenheim, and Emmanuel Levinas 15

Pattillo, Matthew: Violence, Anarchy, and Scripture: Jacques Ellul and René Girard 25

Ranieri, John: The Bible and Modernity: Reflections on Leo Strauss 55

Markússon, Gudmundur Ingi: Violent Memes and Suspicious Minds: Girard’s Scapegoat in the Light of Evolution and Memetics 88

Taylor, Matthew: What Persuasion Really Means in Persuasion: A Mimetic Reading of Jane Austen 105

Ludwigs, Marina: Narrative and Explanation: Explaining Anna Karenina in the Light of Its Epigraph 124

Wandinger, Nikolaus: “Concupiscience” and “Mimetic Desire”: A Dialogue Between K. Rahner and R. Girard 146

Drasko, Dizdar: “With a Rod in the Spirit of Love and Gentleness?” Paul and the Rhetoric of Expulsion 161

Anspach, Mark R.: Desired Possessions: Karl Polanyi, René Girard, and the Critique of the Market Economy 181

Notes on Contributors 189


Volume 10 (2003)

Topic: Papers of the COV&R Conferences:

“The place of Girard’s mimetic theory in the history of philosophy” (Antwerp, 2001)

“Judaism, Christianity, and the Ancient World: Mimesis, Sacrifice, and Scripture” (Purdue, 2002)


Gardner, Stephen: The Ontological Obsessions of Radical Thought 1

Dupuy, Jean-Pierre: On the Rationality of Sacrifice 23

Ciuba, Gary M.: Ransom’s God Without Thunder: Remythologizing Violence and Poeticizing the Sacred 40

Ernst, Gary:”Murther, By a Specious Name”: Absalom and Achitophel’s Poetics of Sacrificial Surrogacy 61

Goldman, Peter: Iconoclasm in the Old and New Testaments 83

Vanheeswijck, Guy: The Place of René Girard in Contemporary Philosophy 95

Erving, George: René Girard and the Legacy of Alexandre Kojeve111

Palaver, Wolfgang: Mimesis and Scapegoating in the Works of Hobbes, Rousseau, and Kant 126

Dumouchel, Paul: Indifference and Envy: The Anthropological Analysis of Modern Ecnomy 149

Machuco Rosa, António: Complex Systems, Imitation, and Mythical Explanations 161

Notes on Contributors 182


Volume 9 (2002)

Topic: Papers of the COV&R Conference 2000 in Boston:
“Violence and Institution in Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam:
A René Girard – Bernard J.F. Lonergan »Conversation«”


Introduction 1

Daly, Robert J., S.J.: Violence and Institution in Christianity 4

Nuechterlein, Paul: Christianity and Violence: A Response to Robert Daly 34

Discussion Summary 39

Kimelman, Reuven: Working Warfare and Its Restrictions in the Jewish Tradition 43

Goodhart, Sandor: Reading Halachically and Aggadically: A Response to Reuven Kimelman 64

Discussion Summary 77


Hamerton-Kelly, Robert: Response to Qamar-ul Huda 99

Discussion Summary 105

Clooney, Francis X., S.J.: Violence and Nonviolence in Hindu Religious Traditions 109

Shinnick, Julia W.: Hinduism and Mimetic Theory: A Response 140

Ives, Christopher: Dharma and Destruction: Buddhist Institutions and Violence 151

Lefebure, Leo D.: Buddhism and Mimetic Theory: A Response to Christopher Ives 175

Discussion Summary 185

Wrap-Up Summary 190

Epilogue 193

Notes to Contributors 197


Volume 8


Barahona, Angel: From Cain and Abel to Esau and Jacob 1

Cousineau, Thomas J.: »The Great Gatsby«: Romance or Holocaust 21

Wydra, Harald: Human Nature and Politics: A Mimetic Reading of Crisis and Conflict in the Work of Machiavelli 36

Munyaneza, Malachie:Violence as Institution in African Religious Experience: A Case Study of Rwanda 39

Piven, Jerry: Mimetic Sadism in the Fiction of Yukio Mishima 69

Dykes, Lillian E.: Mimetic Theory and the Program of Alcoholics Anonymous 90

Ouzgane, Lahoucine: Desire, Emulation, and Envy in »The Portrait of a Lady« 114

Lascaris, André: Peace Education and the Northern Irish Conflict 135

Hamerton-Kelly, Robert: The Mob and the Victim in the Psalms of Job 151

Johnston, Britton W.: Repenting of Retributionism 161

Hajj, Ralph: Gauguin: The Oscillating Structure of Disguise 167

Notes on Contributors 185


Volume 7

Topic: Papers of the COV&R Conference 1999 in Atlanta: “Mimesis: From Primates to Humans”


Gans, Eric: The Origin of the Language: Violence Deferred or Violence Denied 1

Waterman Ward, Bernadette: Abortion as a Sacrament: Mimetic Desire and Sacrifice inSexual Politics 18

Wydra, Harald: Human Nature and Politics: A Mimetic Reading of Crisis and Conflict in the Work of Machiavelli 36

Erickson Johnsen, Rosemary: Seneca Falls Inheritance: Disentangling Women, Legislation and Violence in Monfredo’s Fiction 58

Osborne, Sara: The Role of an Ultimate Authority in Restorative Justice: A Girardian Analysis79

Alison, James: Spluttering Up to the Beach to Ninevah 108

Ranieri, John J.: What Voegelin Missed in the Gospel 125

Notes on Contributors 160


Volume 6

Main topic: Papers of the COV&R Conference 1998 in Paris/France: “Education, Mimesis, Violence and the Reduction of Violence”


Ricoeur, Paul: Religion and Symbolic Violence 1

Goodhart, Sandor: From Sacrificial Violence to Responsibility: The Education of Moses in »Exodus 2-4« 12

Smith, Fred: Black-on-Black Violence: The Intramediation of Desire and the Search for a Scapegoat 32

d’Elbée, Pierre: Obeying Bad Orders and Saving Lives: The Story of a French Officer 45

Martinez, Marie-Louise: For a Non-Violent Accord: Educating the Person 55

Dumouchel, Paul: Ijime 77

Tijimes, Peter: Desire, Technology, and Politics 85

Gómez Léon, Enrique: The Educator in the Face of Reform 96

Grivois, Henry: Adolescence, Indifferentation, and the Onset of Psychosis 104

Notes on Contributors 122


Volume 5

Main topic: Papers of the COV&R Conference 1997 in Graz/Austria: “Film and Modernity: Violence, Sacrifice and Religion”


Bartlett, Tony: The Party’s Over (Almost): Terminal Celebration in Contemporary Film 1

Arens, Edmund: »Dead Man Walking«: On the Cinematic Treatment of Licensed Public Killing 14

Kratter, Matthew: Twilight of the Vampires: History and Myth of the Undead 30

Culbertson, Diana: The Body and the Blood: Sacrificial Expulsion in »Au Revoir Les Enfants«46

Jager, Colin: Sacrifice and the Public Sphere 57

Reineke, Martha: Mimetic Violence and Nella Larsen’s »Passing«: Toward a Critical Consciousness of Racism 74

Cornell, John F: A Parable of Scandal: Speculations about the Wheat and the Tares 98

Grote, Jim: The Founding Murder in Macchiavelli’s »The Prince« 118

Graham, Tyler: St. Augustine’s Novelistic Conversion 135

Moore, Sebastian: Crucifixion: Accident or Design? 156

Notes on Contributors 164


Volume 4

In Memoriam: ROEL KAPTEIN 1919-1996


Editor’s Note v

Ouzgane, Lahoucine: Masculinity as Virility in Tahar Ben Jelloun’s Work 1

Hurlbut, William B., M.D: Mimesis and Empathy in Human Biology 14

Alison, James: The Man Blind from Birth and the Subversion of Sin: Some Questions about Fundamental Morals 26

Bartlett, Andrew: Señor Hirsch as Sacrificial Victim and the Modernism of Conrad’s »Nostromo« 47

Nash, James: The »Justifiable Homocide« of Abortion Providers: Moral reason, Mimetic Theory, and the Gospel 67

Cochetti, Stefano: The Lethal Narcissus: Heidegger on Sacrifice / Sacrifice on Heidegger 87

Bland, Byron: Marching and Rising: The Rituals of Small Differences and Great Violence 101

Bailie, Gil: The Vine and Branches Discourse: The Gospel’s Psychological Apocalypse 120

McCracken, David: Scandal and Imitation in Matthew, Kierkegaard, and Girard 146

Fornari, Giuseppe: Labyrinthine Strategies of Sacrifice: The »Cretans« by Euripides 163

Notes on Contributors 189



Main topic:
Papers of the COV&R Conference 1995
in Chicago/USA:

Violence, Mimesis, and the Subject of Responsibility


Girard, René: Eating Disorders and Mimetic Desire 1

Rike, Jennifer L: The Cycle of Violence and Feminist Constructions of Selfhood 21

Oughourlian, Jean-Michel: Desire is Mimetic: A Clinical Approach43

Gans, Eric: The Unique Source of Religion and Morality 51

Hamerton-Kelly, Robert G: The King and the Crowd: Divine Right and Popular Sovereignty in the French Revolution 67

Siebers, Tobin: Politics and Peace 85

Bellinger, Charles K: »The Crowd Is Untruth«: A Comparison of Kierkegaard and Girard 103

Lefebure, Leo D: Mimesis, Violence, and Socially Engaged Buddhism: Overture to a Dialogue 121

Johnsen, William A: Ibsen’s Drama of Self-Sacrifice 141

Shore, Marci: The Sacred and the Myth: Havel’s Greengrocer and the Transformation of Ideology in Communist Czechoslovakia163

Duff, Paul and Hallman, Joseph: Murder in the Garden? The Envy of the Gods in Genesis 2 and 3 183

Nuechterlein, Paul: Holy Communion: Altar Sacrament for Making a Sacrificial Sin Offering, or Table Sacrament for Nourishing a Life of Sacrifice? 201

Notes on Contributors 223




Main topic:
Papers of the COV&R Conference 1994
in Wiesbaden-Naurod/Germany:

Theology and/or Secular Thinking:
Discussion on Political Philosophy, Economy, and Sociology


Editor’s Introduction v

Dupuy, Jean-Pierre: The Self-Deconstruction of the Liberal Order 1

Kitzmüller, Erich: Economy as a Victimizing Mechanism 17

Dumouchel, Paul: Hobbes & Secularization: Christianity and the Political Problem of Religion 39

Palaver, Wolfgang: Hobbes and the »Katéchon«: The Secularization of Sacrificial Christianity 57

Milbank, John: Stories of Sacrifice 75

Lohfink, Norbert: The Destruction of the Seven Nations in Deuteronomy and the Mimetic Theory 103

Neufeld Redekop, Vern: The Centrality to the Exodus of Torah as Ethical Projection 119

Morrow, Duncan: Violence and the Sacred in Northern Ireland 145

Pahl, Jon: A National Shrine to Scapegoating?: The Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Washington, D.C. 165

Elias, Michael: Neck-Riddles in Mimetic Theory 189

Notes on Contributors 203




On the occasion of his 70th birthday”


Editor’s Introduction vii

Hamerton-Kelly, Robert: A Tribute to René Girard on his 70th birthday ix

Serres, Michel: One God Or A Trinity? 1

Nowak, Susan: The Girardian Theory and Feminism: Critique and Appropriation 19

McKenna, Andrew J: The Pyrrhus Perplex: A Superficial View of Mimesis 31

Lépine, Jacques-Jude: »Phaedra’s« Labyrinth as the Paradigm of Passion: Racine’s Aesthetic Formulation of Mimetic Desire 47

Schwager, Raymund: Suffering, Victims, and Poetic Inspiration 63

Bandera, Cesáreo: Seperating the Human from the Divine 73

Williams, James G: History-Writing as Protest: Kingship and the Beginning of Historical Narrative 91

Orzech, Charles D: Mechanisms of Violent Retribution in Chinese Hell Narratives 111

Mishler, William: Sacrificial Nationalism in Henrik Ibsen’s »The Pretenders«127

Prystowsky, Richard J: An I for an I: Projection, Subjection, and Christian Antisemitism in »The Service for Representing Adam« 139

Flood, Christopher G: Collective Violence, Sacrifice, and Conflict Resolution in the Works of Paul Claudel 159

Golsan, Richard J: Drieu, Céline: French Fascism, Scapegoating, and the Price of Revelation 173