As of June 13. Check back for schedule updates.
These PDFs contain an overall schedule on the first page and details of the sessions on subsequent pages. The  files can be downloaded.

Wednesday, June 14 – Parallel Sessions Wednesday

Seminar: Girard and the New Testament in Z23 – 12:30-13:30

“The Meek Defense: Toward a Girardian Style of Confrontation” – Paul Lynch, St. Louis University

“The Irony of Violence and Victimization” – Joseph Mubiru 

“Models of Pecuniary Openhandedness: Paul’s Advocacy on Generosity and Imitation” – Brett McLaughlin, Boston College

Thursday, June 15 – Parallel Sessions Thursday

Seminar:  Modernity in Crisis  in Z23 – 12:30-13:30

“The Legacy of Girard’s Thought for understanding modernity” – Joel Hodge, Australian Catholic University

“Waking the sleeping (un)consciences: populism, cultural complexes, and the scapegoat mechanism” – Susan M. Wright
(paper will be posted on June 11)

“Rene Girard and the Retelling of Human Time. Mimesis or the messianic”Anthony Bartlett, Bethany Center for Nonviolent Theology and Spirituality

Friday, June 15 and Saturday, June 16 – Parallel Sessions Friday and Saturday

Special opportunity for graduate students and practitioners- Lunch and Discuss with Carly Osborne on Thursday and Friday