As of May 17. Moderator names TBA. Check back for schedule updates.

Wednesday, June 14 – 12:00-14:00 (Noon to 2 PM)

Room 1









Seminar (Predistributed papers LINK to be added May 1)  Girard and the New Testament

“The Meek Defense: Toward a Girardian Style of Confrontation”

Paul Lynch, St. Louis University

“The Irony of Violence and Victimization”

Joseph Mubiru 

“Models of Pecuniary Openhandedness: Paul’s Advocacy on Generosity and Imitation”

Brett McLaughlin, Boston College


Girard and the Philosophers

“The Future of Suggestive Practices: Girard to Stengers”

 Karolina Rybačiauskaitė, Vilnius University, Leiden University

“Heidegger and Girard: Where Oblivion Lies, There Grows Also Which Saves” 

Andrés Matamoros, Javeriana University 

“A Hermeneutic Understanding of Primordial Evil: The Adamic Myth in Paul Ricœur and René Girard” 

Sean Palmer, St. Patrick’s Pontifical University Maynooth

Room 2








Girard and Film

John Babak Ebrahimian Quranta

“Mimetic Theory, Cinema and the Cinematic Text”

“A Midsommar Nightmare; Girardian Scapegoating, Pagan Ritual, and Assisted Suicide in Ari Aster’s Midsommar and in the Modern West”. 

Brian P. Quaranta, Duke University


Mimetic Theory and the Hebrew Bible/OT

“Esther: A Search for Meaning”

Mack Stirling, MD, independent scholar 

Daniel DeForest London

“The Divine Prank of the Paschal Lamb: Putting Meat on Gil Bailie’s Interpretation of Exodus 12”

Church Divinity School of the Pacific and Christ Episcopal Church, Eureka, CA

“King Noah and the Sacred Victim”

Matthew Moran, Calvert House Catholic Center 

Room 3  



Mimetic Theory on Edge:  Narratives, Narratology, and the Novel

“On Shakespeare and Flying Saucers: Indifferent Lovers, Elusive Apparitions, and High Strangeness in the UFO Phenomenon”

Todd M. Thompson, Biola University

“But who is Girard, Jeeves ?”

Jean-Louis Salasc, ARM honorary member

“Chat “G. B. T.”: Girard, Baudrillard, Terrorism — and the Novel”

Pierre Azou, Princeton University

“Comparative Methodology and Seeing the Victim”

Ethan Blass, Wartburg College 

Room 4  



French Language Session: 

“Apocalyptic thought as political thought open to hope in a perilous historical moment”

Bernard Perret, Centre Sèvres

“Mimetic theory in the Anthropocene : Understanding violence when the foundations of the world are crumbling”

David Porchon

“The Holocaust as a Mimetic Climax”

Jean Duchesne, Lycée Condorcet, Paris

Room 5  









Mimetic Theory, Law, and the Victim

“From Disaster to Desire”

Jean-Marc Bourdin, ARM Board

“René Girard’s Scapegoat and Giorgio Agamben’s Homo Saper: The Asymmetry of the Sacred Victim and its Implications”

Bart Leenman


Positive Mimesis and Ethical Justice

“Rene Girard from the Past to the Future”

Joseph Fitzpatrick

“The Lover and the Beloved: Doran’s ‘Graced Imitations’ and the Liturgy of the Eucharist”

Fr. Bernard Disco, O.S.B., St. Anselm Abbey and College

“Blessings of Girard: Past Narratives, Future Horizons”

Vern Neufeld Redekop 

Room 6



Theory on Theory

“Girard’s Philosophy of Innovation”

Jonathan Bi

“And sacrifice engendered desire: Analyzing an unnoticed conceptual transition in Girard’s works”

Unai Buil Zamorano]

“Achever Girard: A new hypothesis of Adamic humanity and its Fall into the archaic sacred; or how the Second Adam unties the Gordian knot of violent hominization and theodicy in René Girard’s Fundamental Anthropology”

Leigh Fetter, Independent Scholar

“Things Hidden Since the Foundation of Tianxia: A “Big History” Mimetic Theory of China and A Girardian “New Reformation” Apocalyptics”

Thomée Leung, University of London

Room 7


Panel:  The Traumatic and the Contemplative

Julia Robinson-Moore, University of North Carolina-Charlotte

Jaisy A. Joseph, Villanova University

Brian D. Robinette, Boston College 

Thursday, June 15, 12:45-14:45 (12:45 to 2:45 pm)










Seminar (Predistributed papers LINK to be added May 1)   Modernity in Crisis 

“The Legacy of Girard’s Thought for understanding modernity”

Joel Hodge, Australian Catholic University

“Waking the sleeping (un)consciences: populism, cultural complexes, and the scapegoat mechanism”

Susan M. Wright

“Rene Girard and the Retelling of Human Time. Mimesis or the messianic” 

Anthony Bartlett, Bethany Center for Nonviolent Theology and Spirituality 


Panel:  Mexican Politics in Light of Mimetic Theory

“The morning conferences of President López Obrador as expiatory rituals”

Pablo Armando González Ulloa Aguirre Aguirre, Facultad de Ciencias Políticas y Sociales, UNAM

“The scapegoat in the fight against drugs in Mexico”

Jorge Federico Márquez Muñoz, Facultad de Ciencias Políticas y Sociales, UNAM

“The scapegoat in the fight against drugs in Mexico”

Palmira Arias López, Facultad de Ciencias Políticas y Sociales, UNAM




Peacebuilding and Mimetic Theory

“Girard and the future of ‘Peacebuilding’”

Duncan Morrow

“Mimetic rivalry, mimetic ‘partnership’ and forgiveness”

Zoran Turza and Željko Tanjić, Catholic University of Croatia

“Archimedes and René Girard: Cultivating Mimetic Theory’s ‘Eureka Moment’” 

Lyle Enright, unRival Network

“Move Towards Peaceable Identities Working With Young People”

Rubén Garcia Escobar andRoberto Solarte Rodríguez, Javeriana University




Ostracism, Stigma, and Radical Othering

“Ostracism Past and Present:  Origin, Forms, Conversions”

Paul Duggan, Oxford Brookes University

“Intellectual Disability and Girardian Mimesis: Emerging Connections”

Susan McElcheran, University of St. Michael’s College in the University of Toronto

“Politics As Violence: Future Possibilities of Girardian Analysis in Political Science”

Teresa A. Pitts, Independent Scholar

“A Mimetic Approach to Migration from Postcolonial Africa to the West”

Belachew Gebrewold, University of Applied Sciences, Innsbruck




French Language Session

“La question de l’Etre dans le ‘passage à l’acte’ meurtrier de l’adolescent ‘adapté’

Luc-Laurent Salvador, Montpellier University 

“Toxic masculinity and memes. A case of mimetic resentment”

Fabrizio Arcuri, University of Bergamo 

“Maurice ‘Rocket’ Richard, un mythe québécois né dans la violence”

René Ducharme




Mimetic Theory and Critique within Communities of Faith

“René Girard and Useless Suffering”

Eeva Rohas, University of Helsinki

“Revisiting apocalyptic imagination in times of collective collapse: a contribution of Girard´s mimetic theory to a systematic theology”

Jonathan Marin-Cano, S.J., Boston College

“Mimetic Theory and L’Arche”

Alan Cork, Independent Researcher

“Mimetic Miracle in Aotearoa New Zealand”

Matthew Packer, Independent Scholar






Panel:  Translating Girard:  Intellectual Conversation and Mimetic Theory

Ángel Barahona

David Garcia-Ramos

Blanca Millán


Panel:  The Welcome Table:  Generating Models of Loving Mimesis

Julia Robinson Moore, University of North Carolina-Charlotte

Vern Neufeld Redekop, St. Paul University

Felicity McCallum

Rebecca Adams







Book Sessions

Violence and the Oedipal Unconscious  (Michigan State University Press, 2023)

Author:  Nidesh Lawtoo, Leiden University

Discussants:   William Johnsen, Michigan State University

                         Marina Garcia-Granero, University of Valencia


René Girard – All Desire is Desire for Being:  Essential Writings ( Penguin Modern Classics, June, 2023)

Editor:  Cynthia Haven, National Endowment for the Humanities Public Scholar

Discussants:  Trevor Cribben Merrill, Imitatio

                         William Johnsen, Michigan State University Press

Friday, June 16, 13:30-15:30 (1:30-3:30 pm)

Room 1









Psychology and Psychiatry in Light of Mimetic Theory

“How to harmonise psychology interdividual with the converted subject in mimetic theory?”

Agustín Moreno-Fernández, University of Granada

“Applications of Mimetic Theory to Psychiatry:  Past, Present, and Potential for the Future”

Vincent Riordan, West Cork Mental Health Services, Ireland


Mimetic Perspectives on Education

“Imitation and Competition in Education: A Girardian Perspective on Chinese and Norwegian Education”

Per Bjørnar Grande, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences

“Diagnosing the Dip: Recognizing Mimetic Desire and Preference Cascades in Medical Residency Applications”

Dominic Tanzillo, Duke University

Brian Quaranta,

Room 2



Sexualities and Genders

“The Missing Mother”?  and the Continuing Fecundity of René Girard

William A. Johnsen, Michigan State University

A critical reflection on Girard’s use of the term “homosexuality”

Monika Eder, University of Innsbruck

“Questioning Gender using the tools of mimetic theory: Undifferentiation and violence?” Daniel Lance

“Can Mimesis inform, enhance and transform Models of Sexual Rivalry and Coordination in Biology? Some theory, and a Computer Demonstration”

Dominic Mitchell, City College, Plymouth


Room 3



Literature and Mimetic Theory

“After mimetic rivalries: Desires in the postapocalyptic world of 2666 by R. Bolaño”

Jorge Estrada, Leiden University

“An expression significantless and without past”: Language, Time, and the Sacrificial Structure of Near Lynching in Faulkner’s Intruder in the Dust

Steve Mckenna

“Star-Crossed Lovers or Monstrous Doubles? Intersectional Feminism and Mimetic Theory Combined in a Reading of Winnie M Li’s Novel The Dark Chapter

Hanna Mäkelä, Independent Scholar

“Fowl Play: Ibsen, Chekhov, and Sacrifice”

Andrew J. McKenna, Loyola University, Chicago

Room 4



French Language Session: 

“Achever René Girard?”

Benoît Girard

“Désir mimétique, apocalypse et écologie”

Xavier Garcia-Duran Bayona

“Goethe, Girard and the Electronic Angel”

Arnaud Billion, Université Lyon, and Anaëlle Martin, Université Strasbourg

Room 5



From Archaic Myth to the Holy

“René Girard, thinker of the Apocalypse. Can Truth triumph over Reality?”

Julien Lysenko

“Hidden Parables and Their Apocalyptic Meaning”

Hervé van Baren, Member of ARM

“A Storm is Blowing from Paradise:  Anathemas on Tomb Building in the Gospel text, or Institutional Ruination as Historical Inevitability”

David Dawson, University of Aberdeen and ETS Ministries

“On the Relationship between the Holy and the Sacred”

Nikolaus Wandinger, University of Innsbruck

Room 6



The State:  Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

“On the Legitimacy of State violence”

Aël Paul

“Girard and the Ethics of Policing”

Charles K. Bellinger, Brite Divinity School, Texas Christian University

“It Takes a Village to Raise a Scapegoat: Kant and Girard on Freedom, Sacrifice, and the Moral Law”

Matthew Pattillo, The New School for Social Research

What Are Girardian Texts of Persecution If Not What We Now Call Conspiracy Theories and Vindications? Their Legacy in Alessando Manzoni’s Works and in Today’s Crime Prevention Practices

Luca Guglielminetti

Room 7



Violence, Religion, and the Future of Mimetic Theory

War is not Destiny or Fatality. How can we use the mimetic theory to demonstrate this?

Philippe De Keukelaere

“Girard and the Philosophers: The Future of Mimetic Theory”

Robert Doran, University of Rochester

“Mimetic Nihilism: Violence and Religion after the Death of God”

Marina Garcia-Granero, University of Valencia

“Darwin, Girard and the Potentials of Mimetic Theory”

Paul Gifford, University of St. Andrew

Room 8





Book Session:

Toward an Islamic Theology of Nonviolence  (Michigan State University Press, 2022)

Author:  Adnane Mokrani

Discussants:  Wolfgang Palaver, University of Innsbruck


Transforming the Sacred into Saintliness: Reflecting on Violence and Religion with René Girard (Cambridge University Press)

Author:  Wolfgang Palaver, University of Innsbruck

Discussants:  Martha Reineke, University of Northern Iowa

Therese Onderdenwijngaard,


Saturday, June 17, 9-10:30 am [NOTE: This is a 90-minute session. The plenary session follows at 10:45]

Room 1


Panel:  Religion, Madness, and Mimetic Theory

Joachim Duyndam (chair)

Michael Elias

Berry Vorstenbosch

Room 2



Mimetic Theory: Modeling and Simulation

 “Towards Mimetic Interpretation of Active Mobility Choices”

Emanuel Muroni, University of Cagliari

Ivan Blečić, University of Cagliari

Eleonora Sottile, University of Cagliari

“An Agent-based Simulation Model of Mimetic Crisis and Its Resolution”

Ivan Blečić, University of Cagliari

Paul Dumouchel, Université du Québec à Montréal

Room 3



Populism and Nationalism in Light of Mimetic Theory

“The Role of Mimetic Theory in Comparative Populism Studies: The US as Case Study”

Marcia Pally, New York University/Humboldt University-Berlin

“Undifferentiation and Sacrifice in the Creation of a National Japanese Mythology”

Tomoya Fujihara, Sophia University

“Competitive Nationalisms in Central and Eastern Europe”

Péter Tóth, University of Szeged

Room 4


French Language Session:

“The ’sequence’ rather than the ’period’: René Girard’s apocalyptical structure of History”

Benoit Cérézuelle

“Versus our Dionysian Entourage: Girard’s Reading of Anicent Greece in Things Hidden since the Foundation of the World”

Tania Checchi, Colegio de Saberes, Ciudad de México

“Homo Mimeticus: Steps to New Mimetic Studies”

Nidesh Lawtoo, Leiden University

Room 5



Faith, Conversion, and Intimate Mediation: 

“I cannot remember / A thing between noon and three”: W.H. Auden’s Postwar Good Friday”

Nathaniel Hill, University of Michigan 

“Aelred of Rievaulx’s Spiritual Friendship, Intimate Mediation, and the Future of Mimetic Theory”

Curtis Gruenler, Hope College

“The Three Conversions of Rene Girard: Intellect, Belief and the Future”

Simon J. Taylor, Diocese of Bristol

Room 6



The World in Crisis :  The War in Ukraine and Climate Change

“What revelation can the apocalyptical Girardian approach offer concerning the violence in contemporary events?”

Helene Cristini 

“There Is No Enemy Strong Enough

Wilhelm Guggenberger, University of Innsbruck

“Civil Disobedience and Radical Nonviolence in the Light of Mimetic Theory: Challenges by the war in Ukraine and climate crisis

Dietmar Regensburger, University of Innsbruck

Room 7



Mimetic Theory and Economic Thought:  Engaging The Key Thinkers

Self-Transcendence and Narrativity: a Reflection on Jean-Pierre Dupuy’s, Eric Gans’s, and Gregory Bateson’s notions of Paradox”

Marina Ludwigs

Stockholm University

René Girard and the Critique of Ideology

Geoff Shullenberger

Compact Magazine/Independent Scholar

“Girard, Houellebecq and mimetic rivalry in the liberal consumerist society”

Johann Rossouw, University of the Free State