International, Interdisciplinary

COV&R is a dynamic, international association of scholars and practitioners from many disciplines who are dedicated to developing, critiquing, and applying René Girard’s mimetic theory. Colloquium members are energized by the potential for renewal in the social sciences and humanities that mimetic theory makes possible. As scholars and practitioners have applied Girard’s insights about the connection between imitation and violence to religious studies, biblical hermeneutics, philosophy, literature, film studies, sociology and anthropology, economics, psychology, political science exciting discoveries and research avenues have become available.

Workable Theory of Religion

As issues of religion and violence beg for analysis and understanding, COV&R is uniquely positioned to make a valuable contribution to the search for new, more useful theoretical frameworks. As a related scholarly organization of the American Academy of Religions, COV&R sponsors and co-sponsors sessions at the AAR Annual Meeting to explore the ongoing salience of mimetic theory and the diverse ways Girard’s thought illuminates themes and issues in the study of religion.

Open Membership Policy

Unique among scholarly organizations, COV&R membership and attendance at annual conferences is open to lay people interested in direct engagement with scholars. Pastors and Christian educators attend with parishioners interested in theology and biblical studies. Professors attend with their students to provide them with experiences at academic conferences. And life-long learners thrill at this exceptional educational opportunity. The COV&R scholars are always gratified to engage with those whose faith, relationships and sense of self is being impacted by their research.

Annual Meeting

Members of COV&R have been meeting annually since 1990, both in and outside North America. The annual meeting brings new and longtime scholars of mimetic theory together to discuss how mimetic theory relates to other discourses. This meeting draws between 125 and 200 people, including many non-members. Information on member benefits and how to join COV&R is available here.

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