Colloquium on Violence & Religion (COV&R)

Join the hundreds of international scholars and practitioners using
an interdisciplinary, cutting-edge approach to understanding
biblical hermeneutics and the links between violence and religion

Why join?

COV&R is a dynamic, international association of scholars and practitioners from many disciplines who are dedicated to developing, critiquing, and applying René Girard’s mimetic theory. Here’s who we are, what we do and how you will benefit from membership.

Who We Are

The Colloquium is an international academic association energized by the potential for renewal in the social sciences and humanities made possible by René Girard’s mimetic theory. As scholars and practitioners have applied Girard’s insights about the connection between imitation and violence to religious studies, biblical hermeneutics, philosophy, literature, film studies, sociology and anthropology, economics, psychology, political science exciting discoveries and research avenues have become available.

Members of COV&R have been meeting annually since 1990, both in and outside North America. The annual meeting brings new and longtime scholars of mimetic theory together to discuss how mimetic theory relates to other discourses. This meeting draws between 125 and 200 people, including many non-members.

A Workable Theory of Religion and Violence

As issues of religion and violence beg for analysis and understanding, COV&R is uniquely positioned to make a valuable contribution to the search for new, more useful theoretical frameworks. As a related scholarly organization of the American Academy of Religions, COV&R sponsors and co-sponsors sessions at the AAR Annual Meeting to explore the ongoing salience of mimetic theory and the diverse ways Girard’s thought illuminates themes and issues in the study of religion.

Student Participation

The Colloquium works diligently to support and promote the next generation of scholars with undergraduate and graduate contests, awards and scholarships. Active participation as presenters at the Annual Conference provides a unique opportunity for students to gain experience, receive valuable feedback, and develop relationships with peers and professors outside of their institution. Student dues are $27.50 a year.

Member Values

The annual membership fee of $55 USD ($27.50 USD for students) includes these valuable benefits:

  • Access to conference proceedings, both abstracts and, in many cases, complete papers.
  • Contagion: Journal of Violence, Mimesis, and Culture, COV&R’s academic journal, published electronically once a year in late spring. When a new volume is published, members will receive an announcement with instructions for how to access it.
  • The quarterly COV&R Bulletin filled with the latest news about members, meeting announcements, book reviews and recent bibliographic entries in mimetic theory. Members receive an email notification when each new issue is published.
  • Access to the online Membership Directory.
  • Journal of Religion and Violence is available at a generous member discount. ‬‬
  • New books in the mimetic theory series – Breakthroughs in Mimetic Theory and Studies in Violence, Mimesis, and Culture – from Michigan State University Press at a 20% discount with a special COV&R member code.  Whenever a new book in the series is published, members receive an announcement with the discount code.
  • Back Catalog in the mimetic theory series from Michigan State University Press at a 20% discount when purchasing at least $100 worth of books in the series.  Books published three years or fewer years ago are not included. Discount can be accessed on the members-only page on the COV&R website.

In addition, your membership fees fund the advancement of mimetic theory through: 

  • Travel grants for graduate students.  Participation in the annual meeting enhances the quality of students’ contributions to mimetic theory.
  • An essay competition for graduate students.  The competition supports the development and dissemination of innovative scholarship in mimetic theory.
  • Grants for digital products.  Videos and podcasts make mimetic theory more visible on an international basis.  (See the COV&R YouTube channel for examples.) 

Your membership fees make all of this possible!

To Join or Renew Your Membership

Membership procedures for the American and European branches of COV&R have been consolidated, and COV&R dues payments and renewals are now managed by the Philosophy Documentation Center (PDC). Go to the COV&R Membership Services page on the PDC site  to  join, renew, or update your membership information.

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