The COV&R Board is comprised of Officers and Elected Members. Contact information for the current Board as well as the Editors of COV&R Publications are listed below. The Constitution contains complete information about the organization and is available to Members here.

COV&R Board of Directors

Honorary Chair

René Girard, Stanford University/USA  (1923 – 2015)

Honorary Members

Cesáreo Bandera, University of North Carolina/USA
Eric Gans, UCLA, Ca./USA
Raymund Schwager, University of Innsbruck/Austria (1935 – 2004)
James G. Williams, Syracuse University/USA
Robert Hamerton-Kelly, Imitatio, Stanford/USA (1938 – 2013)
Charles Mabee, Oakland University/USA
Wolfgang Palaver, University of Innsbruck/Austria

COV&R Officers

Martha J. Reineke, President, University of Northern Iowa/USA
Nikolaus Wandinger, Executive Secretary, Universität Innsbruck/Austria
Sherwood Belangia, Treasurer/Independent Scholar/USA
William A. Johnsen, Editor of CONTAGION, Michigan State University/USA
Curtis Gruenler, Editor of the COV&R Bulletin, Hope College/USA
Grant Kaplan, Coordinator of COV&R Session at the AAR Annual Meeting, St. Louis University/USA
Maura Junius, Editor of Website and Social Media, Raven Foundation/USA

Elected Members

Ángel Barahona, Universidad Francisco de Vitoria/Spain
Marinela Blaj, The Schuman Centre for European Studies/Romania
Erik Buys, Sint-Jozefscollege/Belgium
Tania Checchi, Colegio de Saberes, Mexico
Wilhelm Guggenburger, University of Innsbruck/Austria
Joel Hodge, Australian Catholic University/Australia
Stephen McKenna, Speech and Writing Consultant/USA
Matthew Packer, Independent Scholar/New Zealand
Roberto Solarte,  Pontificia Universidad Javeriana/Colombia
Petra Steinmair-Pösel, UKPH Edith Stein
Susan Wright, Theology and Peace/USA

Contact Details


Martha J. Reineke
Department of Philosophy and World Religions
University of Northern Iowa
Cedar Falls, IA 50614-0501, USA

COV&R Executive Secretary:

Department of Systematic Theology
Universität Innsbruck
Innsbruck, Austria


Curtis Gruenler
Dept. of English
Hope College
126 E. 10th Street
Holland, MI 49422-9000, USA


William A. Johnsen
Department of English
Michigan State University
C703 Wells Hall
East Lansing, MI 48824, USA
Office Phone: ++ (517) 432-3375

Editor of the Bibliography of Literature on the Mimetic Theory

Dietmar Regensburger
Institute for Systematic Theology
University of Innsbruck
Karl Rahner Platz 1
A-6020 Innsbruck /Austria
Fax: ++ 43 512 507-9839


[Note: Information on membership payments and billing information should be directed to: COV&R Membership Services page on the PDC site.] 

Sherwood Belangia
3206 West Wimbledon Drive
Augusta, GA 30909/ USA

Coordinator of COV&R Session at the AAR Annual Meeting

Grant Kaplan
Department of Theological Studies
St. Louis University
3800 Lindell Blvd #247
St. Louis, MO 63108-3414, USA
For more information about the AAR and its annual meeting, please visit the AAR website.