COV&R at the American Academy of Religion
Denver, Colorado
November 19-22, 2022

Full information and registration are available here.

Session 1: Theologies of Mercy and Black Liberation: American Christianity
through the 
Lens of Mimetic Theory (P19-145)
Saturday November 19, 9-11am
Hyatt Regency-Capitol 5 (Fourth level)
Presider: Chelsea King (Sacred Heart University)
1. Julia Robinson Moore (UNC-Charlotte), “Racism at the Lord’s Supper: Conversations
between James Cone and René Girard”
2. Jaisy Joseph (Villanova University), “Metabolizing Racial Trauma: A Eucharistic
Examination of Conscience”
3. Brian Carpenter (Independent Scholar), “The Eucharist as the Sacrificial Foundation for a
New Religion and a New Culture”

Session 2: Victimhood, Mimetic Escalation and the Current Crisis
Sunday November 20, 9-11am (P20-140)
Convention Center 507 (Street level)
Presider: Grant Kaplan (Saint Louis University)
1. George Dunn (Zhejiang University), “Populism, Patriotism, and National Chauvinism: A
Mimetic Analysis”
2. Joel Hodge (Australian Catholic University), “Re-Sacralising Modernity: Competing
over the Victim in Modernity”
3. Brett McLaughlin (Boston College), “The Contemporary Barrage of Victimhood: The
Posture of Vengeful Lament and Resentment”

Business meeting to follow the conclusion of this session (11:00-11:15am)