Mimetic Theory has heightened our awareness and sensitivity of mechanisms of exclusion, victimization, and scapegoating. The ways of exclusion, however, often are subtle and remain undetected. To live up to Mimetic Theory’s potential for avoiding victimization, we want to explicitly state the Colloquium’s commitment to welcoming diversity and inclusion, especially

  1. that COV&R appreciates that its members are diverse in race, ethnicity, gender identity, cultural background and first language, religion, world-views, (dis)- ability, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, and other attributes.
  2. that COV&R recognizes that interactions and collaborations among our members are strengthened by our diversity. Our varied skills, knowledge, and distinct perspectives contribute to the vitality of COV&R and mimetic theory.
  3. that COV&R therefore acknowledges the benefit of hearing diverse voices, especially in events like plenary and other featured sessions. COV&R will organize its meetings in ways that embrace inclusiveness. COV&R is committed to creating a diverse community of inquiry in which no one is unwelcome or marginalized.