Contagion is COV&R’s academic journal, published by Michigan State University Press. Publication is now electronic only, using two standard platforms for journals, Project Muse and JSTOR. Many libraries have subscriptions to these sites, so for many members it will be simplest to access Contagion through the portal your library uses for journal databases and electronic subscriptions. COV&R members also have access to Contagion on JSTOR through our membership services provider, Members will be notified when each annual volume is available.

For member access through PDC, go to the PDC site through this link, which is at the bottom of every page on the COV&R website. Once there, use the link in the upper right corner to log in, and then move your cursor to the “MORE CONTENT” tab along the top, which will then display a link to click on to access Contagion at JSTOR

You may find, if you are using a computer already logged in to a library website, when you try to log in on PDC, you will see list of journals your library is already subscribed to, as well as a long list of other journals that are freely available from PDC, and that Contagion is not listed. You could switch accounts (from the SUPPORT tab along the top), but it might be easier to go through the library’s page for accessing journals.

If you would like to receive a paper copy by mail, contact MSU Press or the editor, William Johnsen.